DIY Planter Boxes

5 hrs

There’s nothing like enjoying the fruit of your labor, especially if it tastes as good as a homegrown tomato. Planning your fall garden? Let LEVELD help you secure the tools that you’ll need for this raised planter box.

Choose a level spot of ground that gets a good six to eight hours of sun a day. Cover the ground with a layer of newspaper to stunt weed growth.

Not actual finished project.

Step 1:

Wherever you’re going to place your raised box, line the ground with newspaper to prevent weeds from sprouting up.

Step 2:

Cedar is expensive, but this DIY calls for dog-eared (rounded-edge) fence posts, which are a lot cheaper. Trim each board (with the circular saw you rented on LEVELD) to just under six feet long. Put four of these aside for your long sides.

Step 3:

Cut one board into four equal sections, about 18 inches each. The important thing is not the length but that they are equal.

Step 4:

Cut the last 6 ft board into six equal sections, about 11 inches each.

Step 5:

Cut the 2X2 into four equal sections, about 11 inches each.

Step 6:

Lay two of the 6-foot fence pickets on the ground, one above the other with the ends flush.

Step 7:

Then, take two of the 2×2 sections you cut and line them up with the ends of the boards.

Step 8:

Pre-drill your holes (don’t skip this step), then attach the 2x2s to the cedar pickets with 1 ¼-inch exterior screws.

Step 9:

Repeat this process with two more 6-foot pickets and two more 2x2s. These will be the long sides of the bed.

Step 10:

Next, attach the short picket sections – the ones that measure around 18 inches – to the same 2x2s that are now on the long picket sections.

Step 11:

Congrats! You’ve made your box!

Step 12:

For stability, use ¾-inch exterior screws to attach the remaining 11-inch sections of cedar to the long sides of the bed, either on the inside or outside.

Step 13:

Fill the raised bed with four 3-cubic-foot bags of raised garden bed soil.

Step 14:

Mix and water the soil.

Step 15:

Sow or plant seeds/seedlings and enjoy having that green thumb.