How to Install Beadboard Paneling


Beadboard paneling, also called wainscoting, adds character and detail to any room and is pretty straightforward to DIY.


Step 1:

Because of floor settling and shifting, you will need to line up the beadboard. 

Step 2:

On a side wall, measure up from the floor to the intended height of the beadboard. 

Step 3:

Use a level and a chalk line to mark a level line across the room.

Step 4:

Cut the beadboard piece by piece with a circular saw to fit the room. 

Step 5:

Use a hole saw to make openings for electrical outlets. 

Step 6:

From your starting spot, install the beadboard. 

Step 7:

After cutting out each piece, apply adhesive to the back.

Step 8:

Put the beadboard on the wall, using the chalk line to keep it level. 

Step 9:

Fit the next piece by matching the tongue and groove. 

Step 10:

Use a brad nailer and nails from the center edge of each piece out to the corner.

Step 11:

Measure the top and bottom of the beadboard and cut trim pieces to match. Miter any corners and install the top and then the bottom of the trim pieces, using finishing nails. 

Step 12:

Fill the nail holes and any gaps with caulk.